Extreme Decay was formed on January 1, 1998 at Malang City, East Java – Indonesia, has been inspired by grind, crust and punk bands from the 80s. On October 1998 Extreme Decay put out their first demo tape, “Bastard”, containing 7 original songs and one Napalm Death cover, “Inside The Torn Apart”. The demo was reissued by Czech-based label, Impregnate Records, along with some additional live-songs on the tracklist. On early 1999, Extreme Decay then recorded a split tape with the local crust pioneer Antiphaty. The record was released by Confuse Indie Productions with the title “For Freedom” on February of 1999. Two months later Extreme Decay released a tape entitled “Extreme Decay As Fuck” containing live rehearsal recorded materials taken at Centra Studio Malang. Extreme Decay then recorded anthology tape containing tracks from previous releases along with demo/live tracks, released under the title “Social Warfare” on June 1999. The record paved the way for relationship with other bands, underground record labels, distros, and various media around the nation and abroad. On August 1999 Extreme Decay released a split tape with Belgian mincecore legend, Agathocles, which was released on Indonesia by Confuse Indie Productions. Then the band head back to the studio to record the first full length “Progressive Destruction” which was released on tape by Disgust Tape at the end of November 1999. The album was then re-released on CD by US label, Extremist Records for international market. On 2000 Extreme Decay released the album “Sampah Dunia Ketiga” on tape and CD through Extreme Souls Productions. Fast forward ten years later, on 2010 Extreme Decay released their next album “Holocaust Resistance” on CD through Armstretch Records and on May of 2015, Armstretch Records also released the double CD boxset “Destructive Progression”. With the release of the boxset containing almost all of their discography, the band went on to Grinding Assault South East Asia Mini Tour 2015 in Singapore and Malaysia and released a tape for the tour entitled Grinding Assault, released by Straineyes Production Malaysia. On 2018 Extreme Decay also went on tour to Singapore and Bintan island..During 2018-2019 the band was only released a track “Common Enemy” (Napalm Death tribute) for a compilation celebrating Napalm Death’s Scum album, released on Bandcamp and cassette tape by The Hills are Dead Records. Not releasing a full album in over ten years does not mean that the band stop their creative process, a handful of new songs have been written and played live. With the current line up of Anizar-Bass, Ruly-Guitar/Vocals, Ravi-Guitar/Vocals, Eko-Drums on July 2021 Extreme Decay released an EP “Antiviral” on tape through Disaster Records and 7” vinyl through Samstrong Records which will come out at March 2022.  For 2022, Extreme Decay is planning to release their latest full length. Extreme Decay still love heavy hard-edged sound – grind our mind forever!!! grindingcheers!!